Redevelopment of the forecourt, 2019

In 2014, the general renovation of the more than 60-year-old Theo Pabst building began. In the sense of the preservation of monuments the house was revitalized with careful means.
In 2019, the renovation work will be completed with the remodeling of the forecourt. Their goal is not only to preserve an architectural monument for future generations, but also to enable an attractive program in a hospitable environment. The design by Mann Landschaftsarchitektur Fulda opens the space in front of the Kunsthalle and makes it a public space. Seven trees to increase the quality of life of the place, while three round benches invite you to linger. Barriers like the fence are removed.

To make the forecourt a meeting place for all citizens, we need your commitment. Help make the city more attractive! With the foundation of a tree or a bench, you can contribute in the long term to an upgrading of the urban living space.

Your contact:
Dr. León Krempel,
Kunstverein Darmstadt e V.
Tel. 06151 891184