Redevelopment of the forecourt, 2019

The general renovation of the Theo-Pabst-Building, which is now more than 60 years old, was started in 2014. According to preservation standards the Kunsthalle underwent a careful renovation.
Redesigning the forecourt will complete the Kunsthalle´s redevelopment in 2019. The goal thereof is not only to preserve an architectural monument for generations to come but also to offer an attractive program in a hospitable environment. The design concept by Mann Landschaftsarchitektur Fulda opens the square in front of the Kunsthalle, so visitors can experience it as a public space. Seven trees increase the amenity value while three round benches offer a place to stay. Barriers like the fence will be removed.

In order to make the forecourt accessible for everyone, we need your personal contribution. Help us to make our city more attractive! By donating a tree or a bench you can contribute to a better urban environment.

Dr. León Krempel,
Kunstverein Darmstadt e V.
Tel. 06151 891184