Th / 13.02.20 / 19.30
Die Darmstädter Textwerkstatt zu Gast in der Kunsthalle

?18EPUS is a themed reading for the current exhibition ‹Super›!

Four authors of the Darmstädter Textwerkstatt led by Kurt Drawert confront the tangible zeitgeist of the exhibits - sometimes with a remarkable distance, also to the birth decade of their five female art colleagues. An OPUS is presented in 18 (?) Minutes, an EPOS with the added value of serious irony and nostalgia between the lines, which immersively reviews the subject of the exhibition.

Irony in Antje Voutta (* 1973, Mühltal, GER) is a question of dosage, in David Emling (* 1987, Bellheim, GER) it is even connoted hormonally. Christoph Wirges' (* 1969, Mainz, GER) miniature pieces of text interweave in their contemplative self-reflection, Michael Hüttenberger (* 1955, Darmstadt / Stedesdorf, GER) episodic revival promises a life in which nothing happens again except that nothing happens. In any case, that won't happen on the evening of this reading.

Please note that the reading will be in German.

Text: Darmstädter Textwerkstatt

Mona Broschár, Gourmetteller, 2016, Öl auf Leinwand/Oil on canvas, 200 x 170 x 5 cm
© Mona Broschár

Kurt Drawert and the authors of the Darmstädter Textwerkstatt
Photo credits: Ute Döring, 2019