Su / 08.09.19 / 15
Vortrag mit Olaf Köhler
«Die Kunsthalle im Kontext des Wiederaufbaus»

Olaf Köhler, head of the Darmstadt monument protection authority, talks about the architecture of the Kunsthalle Darmstadt on the occasion of this year's Open Monument Day.

With the clear and open architecture, the Kunsthalle, built in 1956/57 according to plans by Theo Pabst in the style of Classical Modernism, invites visitors to an open and unobstructed view of art. After the devastating destruction of the Second World War, the new Kunstverein building is not only a sign of reconstruction, it also stands for the resurgence and new beginning of an unsettled urban society. A city that has to redefine itself and discusses a cultural and social new beginning in the spirit of the artist colony with the Darmstadt Talks.

Olaf Köhler
Photo: Olaf Köhler

Kunsthalle Darmstadt
Photo: Kunsthalle Darmstadt, 2018