Su / 04.08.19 / 15
Künstlergespräch mit Horst Haack

Since 1981, the draftsman and collage artist Horst Haack, who lives alternately in Paris and Darmstadt, has been working on his «Chronographie Terrestre (Work in Progress)». His walk-in diary can be read as an ongoing commentary on current affairs, but also shows inner worlds, visions, literary quotations and absurd humour. By toluol on the paper detached images associated with texts of their own origin, color, composition, stroke and typography give each sheet the character of a laboratory where just happens unheard. Each sheet is a world in its own right and it also fits into the chronographic context. On the occasion of the anniversary of the Darmstadt Secession, there is the opportunity to marvel at the «labyrinth of picture» that has since grown to over 200 panels with 6000 images.

Horst Haack lives and works in Paris and Darmstadt.

The exhibition is part of the festival «Spannen Den Bogen - 100 Jahre Darmstädter Sezession».