Fr / 02.08.19 / 19-23
First Friday mit Smittness und Paul Ligwood

The Kunsthalle Darmstadt offers during the exhibition «Horst Haack. Chronographie Terrestre (Work in Progress)»(23.06.19-04.08.19) a rich program of art and live music every first friday of the month. In August Smittness and Paul Ligwood are guests.

Smittness is the young solo project of Juliane Schmitt. It combines in a elegantly way darkwave minimalism with synthiepop euphoria. A deep longing, which does not get along without heartache, runs through all pieces. Nostalgically echoed vocals meet catchy melodies. Their first single «Peppemint» was recently released on the Karlsruhe label 76666.

Paul Ligwood is a young vinyl collector from Frankfurt, who doesn't let a stone be turned over to see what might be hidden under it. His Selections are accordingly varied and in different tempi by different fields on the way. It mostly concerns electronic dance music, which reaches from Trance to Industrial. Paul’s guiding us through it and we may follow!

Doors: 7 pm
Guided tour: 8 pm

Photo: Smittness
Foto: Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Photo: Chordsandweapons