Flucht bewegt Kunst
Ein künstlerisches Projekt mit Sand- und Street-Art
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The touring project «Partnerschaft im Sand» (PiSP), which was nominated for the «Manufactum»-Staatspreis in North-Rhine-Westphalia in 2017, is the Kunsthalle Darmstadt`s guest for three days.

Interested people are invited to workshops, where they can create sand-portraits together with Israeli artist Ira Marom. In an artistic and physical process a patchwork-carpet made of these sand portraits is produced, which makes the unity and the vulnerability of all people tangible, especially in sight of current migration.

A discussion about the role art can play for social cohesion and inclusion and a closing ceremony with «Moving People - Menschen unterwegs» und «Power of Art House» (Amsterdam) frame the program. (in German)

Please register for the workshops by contacting info@asylkreis-darmstadt.de

Free Admission.

Internationale Kunstakademie Heimbach, 2017
Photography: Jutta Weber-Gray

Atelier, Ira Marom
© Ira Marom