Su / 09.09.18 / 16
Eröffnung mit Künstlergespräch
«Klaus Mosettig. Handwriting»

For the very first time, the Kunsthalle Darmstadt presents the new series «Handwriting (Leros)» by Austrian Klaus Mosettig (* 1975). Known for his mostly large drawings of different motifs always applying the same hatching technique, in his latest series he uses the surface of a table as a template. The table stood in a Greek reception camp for refugees. Here, fingerprints were taken on arrival.
With the Kusthalle´s director León Krempel, Klaus Mosettig discusses the socio-political and aesthetic questions raised by «Handwriting (Leros)».

Klaus Mosettig, from the series «Handwriting (Leros)», 2018, pencil on paper, 123 x 208 cm
© Klaus Mosettig