Fr / 02.02.18 / 19 - 23
First Friday mit RAP

For the earlies First Friday accompanying Alex Hanimann’s solo show, RAP from Westmorland in the UK perform live together with their special guests Lisa (cello) and CP Nailor (DJ) in Studio West.
RAP was founded by Guy Gormely and Thomas Bush in 2009. The musical roots of their sound, based on vocals, guitar, drum machine, and synth, is their northern hometown, especially the rural and the industrial.

To this date they have released two EPs, one via Jolly Discs, the other via Stockholm based label Born Free. For their performance at Kunsthalle Darmstadt they have commissioned cellist Lisa to perform alongside them for the first time.

During two guided evening tours you can learn more about Alex Hanimann´s exhibition «Trapped – Fallen und Raster», in which his newest series of photo-trap-works are presented for the first time.

Photography: RAP